TGIT Winter Finale Night

And now, happy readers, I present to you a (spoiler free, thank you very much) reenactment of my experience viewing the winter finales of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder:


Poppy Outtakes

I thought it would be fun, given Poppy’s music video debut yesterday (yes I know there are MANY other critters debuting in that video too, but it’s my blog so…yeah), to share some of the photos that did not make the final cut.

I posted this photo on Twitter because even though it's blurry, it's still super cute.

I posted this photo on Twitter because even though it’s blurry, it’s still super cute.





It quickly becomes clear that I should not pose with Poppy for these photos.

It quickly becomes clear that I should not pose with Poppy for these photos.


Ooh, so close!

Ooh, so close!


Almost perfect, but not quite! (Someone is quickly losing patience with me)

Almost perfect, but not quite! (Someone is quickly losing patience with me)

Media Tuesday Volume 1 (and Possibly Only?)

Remember the last minute photo shoot I had with Poppy? Her final photo made it into The Doubleclick’s new video! Yay! You can catch her (appropriate, given the word) face at 2:35.


I love this video so much! It contains so many people and pets I love!

And, because I’ve declared it Media Tuesday, I have to share this next thing too because YOU GUYS MY FRIEND JOSH WROTE A MOVIE AND NOW IT’S REAL. CHECK IT OUT.

It’s been such a great day for media and my friends!

One of the things I love most about my job is just how random it can be sometimes. On any given day I’m as likely to write about car insurance as I am about current events or fashion (shut up, I know how to Google) or…you get the idea. This means that I get to learn about a whole bunch of different stuff that I would never have thought to look up on my own and occasionally I stumble across something really great.

Today that really great something was the discovery that Netflix has commissioned an original VeggieTales series called “In the House.”

I am So Excited For This.

Sitting around in our teensy apartment living room and watching VeggieTales videos is one of my most fun memories from college. My two roommates T was the first to discover them–she got turned on to them in one of her teaching credential classes–but she wasted no time in getting our other roommate and I hooked on them. We loved those videos. We watched them over and over again and memorized the songs and would sing them at each other all the time.

I know that sitting in my own living room and bribing the cat to snuggle with me is not going to be the same as when my roommates and I would crash on the couch to watch the French Peas dump slushees on Larry the Cucumber et al for the dozenth time. Even so, that’s okay. I have no doubt that I will have a good time watching those crazy fruits and veggies tell stories and sing silly songs.

And now, just because it’s fun:

Almost Lazy But Not Quite

I was going to get up and do laundry and get work done and do some exercising and eat a healthy dinner and go to bed at a reasonable hour because adulting. Trying to do it right.

Instead, I slept in by almost three hours, did a small amount of grocery shopping, and trudged through laundry while watching a Gilmore Girls marathon.  The dinner I am making is….well…it isn’t totally unhealthy. I mean, sure, it’s pretty close (God bless you, butter) but there is protein and nutrients in there somewhere. And there is still time for exercising and a reasonable bedtime.

Good intentions are so tasty.

Captain Passiva Aggressiva

For the most part, my neighbors are really quiet. Yes, sometimes the guys living upstairs sound like sumo wrestlers trying to play soccer with a medicine ball and I’ve had to call our security patrol on them twice in the last three months. Even so, twice in three months isn’t the biggest deal–especially after the last place I lived. Remember that? Those neighbors were terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrribllllllllllllllle!

So yes: mostly quiet. This is why, when the new person/people downstairs suddenly blasted their music so loud it scared Poppy and made my furniture vibrate and drowned out my television, I was surprised. And I did my best to not have a knee jerk “oh my god my old neighbors have moved in and everything is awful and will be awful forever!” tantrum. Instead I jumped up and down with all of my weight right over where I’m pretty sure their light fixture is (what? it worked with the last guy who lived there).

It didn’t have the desired effect.

So I mustered up my courage and, feeling bad for interrupting someone else’s fun headed downstairs to ask them to lower the volume.

They did not hear my knock at their door.

So! I wrote the most passive aggressive note I could muster–complimenting their taste in music, even!–and slipped it under the door.

It took a while and it is entirely possible that it was just a coincidence but a little while later? They turned that music waaaaaaay down. And it is still down! And I didn’t have to actually complain to a person’s face!

I’m calling it a win.

Friday Night As a Grown Up

There are a lot of ways in which being “all grown up” is way way different than what I imagined it would be. For example, I never imagined that a fantastic Friday night would involve a simple dinner out with friends and then being home, curled up in a self-built blanket nest with a cat by 9.

You know what? I’m really glad I was wrong. Because a simple dinner out with friends and then coming home to curl up in a self-built blanket nest with the cat is pretty a-okay.

Yes, even if I have to abandon this nest to do my Gorilla Workout soon. Because yes. I am going to exercise! I’m starting the Gorilla workout process over from the beginning since I’ve only done a couple of them and then I skipped a couple of days. Y’know, because health is important.

Last Minute But Still Fun

My cat Poppy is really photogenic and, more importantly, is usually pretty patient when it comes to sitting and posing for pictures…as long as I am holding the camera. If I break out the tripod she bolts. It’s weird.

ANYWAY, tonight I was asked to submit a photo for the new Doubleclicks’s video (which is due out Monday) because some of the volunteers were late getting their own images in. I got some really cute outtakes (one of them I’ve already posted on Facebook and Twitter) and rest assured that if the actual submitted photo doesn’t make it in, I’ll post it here (I have a feeling it’ll also end up in a Tumblr somewhere).  After the video comes out I might just post a bunch of the other outtakes too, just because some of them are pretty great, even if they are kind of blurry.

Oh and no, I didn’t do the exercise thing tonight but I’ll pick it back up again probably tomorrow.

This Week is Weird

I blame the exercising.

Which I’m skipping tonight because I’m only just now sitting down to write this post and really, if it’s between exercising and attempting to go to bed at a normal hour and maintain my sleep schedule, I choose to maintain my sleep schedule.

Also, tomorrow it’s supposed to snow.

Weird week is weird.

Exercise, the Day After

Ow. Ow ow ow oof oof oof ow ow ow. Ow. Oof. Ow.

Not surprisingly, the muscles that hurt the most today are my thighs…at least, the front thigh, the part of the muscle/the muscles that are on the fronts/tops of my legs. Whenever I sit down or stand up or try to climb stairs or move around they are all “Hi! I exist! And I do not like that you are moving right now! Stop that!”

It didn’t stop me from doing the second Gorilla Workout tonight, though. I got to do a bunch of a thing called “dead bug” and I discovered that my counting dead bugs sounds eerily similar to Rizzo the Rat counting the bell rings near the end of The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sit very very still.

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