My bad

Last fall I was going through some stuff. Some big hairy monster brain weasel professional setback drowning in my own neuroses can’t get anything done stuff. I needed help and you all came through. I? Didn’t. I haven’t kept up my end of the fundraiser bargain and I need to own that and I need to make it right.

When I ran my fundraiser I made some promises:

Tweeting all the political things! (I actually did okay with this part, I think?)

Lots of blog posts!

Real mail!




I still need to deliver on most of these things. 

This is the part of the post where I’m supposed to be cheerful and gung-ho and tell you exactly how I plan to do that! Except….I’m not entirely sure how to do that. I think the first steps have to be: publishing this here post and contacting supporters re: fulfillment. 

So! If you sent in support, look for an email/DM/PM from me sometime later in the week! If you didn’t send in support, don’t worry about it! You still get this stunning post. Neat, huh? 

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