Me, when November started: IMMA WRITE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH STUFF!

Me, now: What day is it? Are we still in 2019? Are there more hearings today? Do I have to listen to Jim Jordan’s face-holes make noise? Who ate all my chips? Why is it dark out? I need to catch up on my blog! I need a nap! What day is it? 

So….yeah. Last week was a doozy, wasn’t it? There were five (FIVE) Congressional Impeachment Inquiry Hearings over three days. For those of you who don’t regularly watch those things, five? In three days? Is a LOT. 

To be completely honest, I only managed to watch four (well, okay 3.9 because I tapped out of the second one an hour early). Taking in all of that information and testimony still has my brain a little soupy. But fear not! I’ve got a bunch of posts in the works, both for politics and not-politics and this week? There’s going to be a flood, folks. I hope your waders are cute and make you happy.

Here’s what’s in the post-pipeline for this week (and yes, I know Thanksgiving is on Thursday):

An update on my fundraiser and a post welcoming the new followers I picked up over the course of the last couple of weeks.

3 mental health posts on depression, self-care, etc.

A hootenanny’s worth of political posts. We’ll talk about why the impeachment hearings are important and I’ll fill you in on the important stuff from each of the hearings I was able to watch (all six of them)

Maybe some fun other stuff! MAYBE. 

This is a lot and I have a history of really really underestimating how much time I need to get things done, but hopefully if I buckle down, I’ll be able to get everything done by the weekend. 

Here’s to hoping! 


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