One of the promises I made for my fundraiser was to write at least two mental health updates each week. By my count, that means I’m now about 4 behind. I will catch up. Oh yes, I will catch up.

To be honest, I haven’t been having a great brain…you know, I was going to say “couple of days” but really, it’s been longer than that. I switched my med schedule right when I was starting this project (not dosage, just timing) and, like, for the first few days things were GREAT. I thought maybe I had figured out at least an important piece of this blasted brain chemistry puzzle. And then, on the fourth day, I forgot to take my meds altogether. Missing a dose isn’t the hugest deal in the world as long as I definitely remember to take the next dose on time–which I did. Even so, it did put a little bit of a stumble in my step. And then, on the ninth day, I forgot again. Getting used to a new schedule is hard, yo.

I still feel like the new schedule is an important step forward. I have more energy during the day when I need it and get tired at night when I’m supposed to. That’s huge for me. It’s still a fight, but I’m working on it.

I also remembered to turn in my OHP renewal on time, so hopefully I won’t have any gaps in coverage. I’m due to check in with my doctor in another week or so and that’s when I think we’ll start working on stuff like getting me set up with a psychiatrist and tests and all that jazz.

In the meantime, I have to keep reminding myself this is a marathon, not a sprint. Or whatever other sports cliche floats your boat.

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