You might notice that it has taken me a touch longer than usual to get this particular post up. That’s because I was struggling with how to approach it. 

Obviously, last night there was a Trump Keep America Great rally. Trump invaded the Monroe Civic Center and, about 45 minutes after he was scheduled to start speaking, he actually took the stage. 45? Get it? 

The speech itself was more of the same. Lots of lies and bull-pucky talking points. Most of the first 2/3 of his speech seemed to be improvised, though he did bring a visual aid. Nothing forces home your message like holding up a computer printout, amirite? 

It was at around the 2/3-finished mark that it started to become very clear that Trump was not feeling well. His words started to become increasingly slurred. He started sweating off his makeup. Near the end of his speech he had even begun to complain about the temperature in the arena, flapping his suit jacket open and saying that it felt like “it’s 120 degrees in here!” His face was also an alarming shade of red. By the time he was done? He looked like this:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Photo credit: Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Now look, I am clearly not a fan of this man. I think he is the worst thing to happen to our world in ages. Still, it felt (and feels!) gross to make fun of a man who was so clearly in distress. I stopped live-tweeting toward the end, instead watching fearfully as he speed-read through the speech that was on the prompter, worried that he might not make it all the way through.

Thankfully he made it through his speech without passing out from heatstroke or whatever was happening and will live to be mocked another day.

If you want to read the twitter thread, it still exists and you can find it here, but re-posting it feels more like punching down than anything else. 

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And now? SHONDALAND. And after that? The other blog posts I’ve been promising! 

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