Trump held a Keep America Great Rally in Kentucky today. The official reason for the campaign stop was to stump for the GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Bevin and the other Republicans running down-ticket. 

Before we get into that, though, can we talk about how everybody on the dais behind Trump is wearing the same shirt? In many instances, the shirt has been put on over other clothes. Because there’s no way that was a planned stunt, right? I mean look:

Photo credit: The Hill

Okay, back to the “substance” of the rally:

For those who aren’t familiar with Bevin, Vox has dubbed him “among the country’s most unpopular governors.” Bevin seems to hate teachers and Medicaid recipients but loves him some Trump. During today’s rally, Trump returned the love by describing Bevin as “a total pain in the ass, but that can be a good thing!” 

In terms of substance, this rally wasn’t all that different from Friday’s rally in Mississippi. He hit all of the same talking points. I am slightly bitter that we didn’t hear anything about California’s Governor refusing to fight forest fires by “cleaning up the leaves.” For me, that’s right up there with his previous explanation of clean coal: “They take the coal and they clean the coal and you have beautiful clean coal!”  We did hear about how Trump is saving us money by yanking us out of the Paris Accords (it won’t) and how he (not his team, he) defeated ISIS (he didn’t) and how he saved Iran and made it into a totally different country (nope). 

Today’s Tweet Thread is a little short. I was a few minutes late to the live feed of the rally. Then, near the end I got a phone call. Before writing this post, though, I did go back and watch the tail end of the speech that I missed and here is what I would have tweeted:

Trump is praising Lou Dobbs for saying that he [Trump, not Dobbs] is the greatest President in the history of the country including George Washington and Abe Lincoln. I call BS.

Did…did Trump just claim he invented the word “loophole”?

We will always protect you with pre-existing conditions and we will protect you with pre-existing physicians! I’ve never said that before! I just thought of that! It’s true!  Hooooo boyyyyy.

Democrats have launched an unrelenting assault on people of faith! *Goes on to brag about how he made it okay for adoption agencies and foster programs to discriminate against LGBTQIA+ parents. 

Trump is bragging that he “fixed” Iran. Oh honey.

Trump: We’re going to land on the moon so we can go to Mars! $10 says dude thinks that’s where Astronauts have to stop to use the bathroom.

Trump: The people who founded Kentucky loved their families, loved their country— Me: The country they ran away from? That one? 

Oh! Also, I figured out Wakelet and was able to turn today’s rally thread into a “story” over there. Here it is for those of you who want to read the thread without having to deal with Twitter. 

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