Oh Hillary, you are a soothing balm on my Trump-scraped soul.

So. Today sure happened, didn’t it.

When I got up this morning I was all set to let loose with a post about the AP and the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton pile-on and oh, y’all. I have VIEWS. Shouty shouty VIEWS. But then? Today’s speeches happened.

Today Donald Trump gave a speech to his followers in New Hampshire. I just finished watching the video and there’s nothing new to report. It was more of the same basic stuff: “I’m awesome, Hillary is evil, here are a bunch of examples I’m exaggerating and a few more that I have completely made up and even a couple that prove I didn’t do the reading. Outlandish thing!!! Genuinely scary thing. Yada yada yada.”


Yes. I just yada yada’d Trump.

But! Today wasn’t an all-Trump day. Not even a little bit. Because? Hillary Clinton also gave a speech–her first public rally speech in a while–and what a speech it was. I don’t know if it was just the contrast with all the Trump I’ve been watching, but Clinton’s speech? Was PERFECT. It was everything a good speech should be, especially one that is taking on not just Donald Trump but the entire alt-right and their trollish, dickish ideas.


GIF source: Giphy.com

Hillary Clinton was calm. She was measured (metaphorically). The speech was much less a rally cry than very much a “Mofos, THIS is how you address the nation and Make Them Pay Attention.”

Here’s the full transcript.

Here’s the video.

Please please, even if you aren’t a big fan of political stuff, watch this speech if for no other reason than an example of what real leadership looks like.



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