A big week and a half of Blogging Fail

Pictures like this are what happens when you sit in Starbucks on a rainy afternoon with your web cam enabled netbook and know that all you want to do is blog but you can’t decide where to start with your blogging self.  Also? The Fussy shirt? Yes kind of makes me a poseur/hipster/nerd but I’m okay with that.  I figured it was appropriate for my first foray back into the world of coffee shop musings after taking a week and a half off from such things.

Speaking of which, what a blogging failure I was this last week!  You would think with my husband gone on a camping trip and nothing to stop me from staying up all night blogging that I’d be all verbose and witty and, well, a blogging badass.  As it turns out I need my husband around to remind me to sit down and do fun things once in a while or I’ll spend all of my time doing chores and trying to get work done.  And I’ll stop to get a drink and realize “holy crap it’s two in the morning, maybe I should go to bed!” and then I’ll realize that even though I’ve been cleaning like a madwoman and trying to get enough work done to take a few days off for peoples’ visits I still won’t have accomplished a whole lot.

And, true to form, Will has been back for only a few days and my super clean apartment now looks like I haven’t picked up in weeks.  At least I’ve kept the computer room mostly clean and untouched (and thank god because that thing took a day and a half to clean up and out).  I had originally taken pictures of our mess before I cleaned it in the hopes of taking “after” photos to show you just how hard I worked.  I actually did take some “after” photos of the computer room but then I realized that to truly understand the difference, you’d have had to see the room close up and in person to really appreciate the work I did.  The photos don’t show the two years of filing that got sorted and put away.  They don’t show the insides of the drawers that were cleaned out.  You get the idea.  But trust me: that room is the cleanest it has been since before we moved in and it was empty.

What else is there to catch up on?  So much!  Health care passed, Will was camping for a week, my sister in law came up to visit, my Mom came for a visit and I learned that I really should not be allowed out of the house without adult supervision because I will talk myself into buying things that we need for the house but that are not exactly what you would call a priority.

What have you all been up to?