Kind of All Over the Place

Today I FINALLY got to hang out with the glorious miss Wendy and her fabulous kiddo.  It was splendiferous and marvelous and lots of other ouses that seem to spring into my vocabulary after spending time with her–kind of the way I lapse into LolCat speak after a visit with my fabulous sister in law (who has started a blog!) (on livejournal but it totally counts!) (not that I have anything against livejournal of course) (seriously, I really don’t).

Anyway, it was twelve shades of awesome and I feel ready to rejoin the drudgery that is working every day and making a living.  Because sometimes you need a day off to spend chatting with a good friend about…well, pretty much everything.  And getting hugs from a six year old because little kid hugs are the best.

Right now I’m sitting in the hallway of a building at PSU waiting for Will to be done with class and taking advantage of the University’s free wi-fi.

I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just designate Fridays as my “out of the house” days and use those days to go to the library, perhaps wander a bookstore (and then not buy anything because, hello, we are DESTITUTE) and then work via my laptop at one of the many coffee shops on this campus.  Trust me, if there had been a free table at the Seattle’s Best that is on the bottom floor of this building, I’d be there right now but there was no place to sit.

I’m thinking that getting out of the house regularly will be good for me, even if I do wind up working from a coffee shop or book store or even the seating area at Fred Meyer.

Or it could end up sucking the light fantastic.  I’ll never know until I try.

In other news not quite but sort of relatedness, I got an idea on the bus ride over here for a project.  I’m not sure about the project yet.  It’s still in the “this is brilliant! I have no need to look at it from a practical perspective because it is awesome and the best idea ever!” so I’m not really ready to talk about it.  I need to take a few days and mull it over and think out the practicalities of the situation.  And then, if I think it is still a fantastic idea I might post about it here.  Or not.

In the meantime I think I will start to pack this up because I think Will’s class is almost out.  I love free wi-fi!

2 thoughts on “Kind of All Over the Place

  1. Um, okay, so I just figured out that the reason I think you never blog is because you weren’t actually in my google reader and I’m a jerk. Oops!

    All is fixed now.

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